***We Ship Pickles only on Mondays***During warmer months, half sours will arrive 3/4 sour***

Pickles and Olive Flavors

Each container may have only one flavor in it, sorry we do not mix items in containers when shipping.  From time to time we may run out of olives flavors, which may not be accurately updated online.  We will always call you before we ship anything if we are out of stock on something.

Pickle Flavors (Quarts):

Half (New) Sour - Bright green, super fresh, and cucumbery.

Kosher Dill - Classic American flavor.  Dill and Garlic shine through.

Full Sour (Garlic) - Very popular. Super sour and the most garlicky pickle.

Horseradish - Strong horseradish flavor made from full sour pickles.

Wasabi Sour - Sinus clearing wasabi flavor made from full sour pickles.

Super Spicy (medium spice) - Medium spiced full sour pickles.

Pickled Green Tomatoes - Salty, sour, and garlicky firm green tomatoes.

Ridiculously Spicy Pickle - A large full sour pickle with a truly insane spice factor.

Bread & Butter Chips - Sweet pickle chips.

Sweet Chipotle Chips - Sweet and Spicy pickle chips.

Pickled Items (Quarts):

Sauerkraut - Fermented and super healthy.

Pickled Veggies (Gardeniera) - A pickled mixture or cauliflower, carrots, and a bunch of other veggies.

Olive Flavors (Pints):

Pitted Black - The mildest of olives with minimal olive flavor.

Pitted Green - Firm flavor olives that are good for any purpose.

Stuffed Red Pepper - Green olives stuffed with pickled red pepper.

Stuffed Roasted Garlic - Green olives stuffed with roasted garlic.

Stuffed Jalapeno - Green olives stuffed with pickled jalapeno pepper.

Stuffed Feta Cheese - Green olives stuffed with feta cheese.

Stuffed Bleu Cheese - Green olives stuffed with bleu cheese.

Stuffed Lemon - Green olives stuffed with lemon.

Pitted Horseradish Infused - A pitted green olive a strong horseradish flavor.

Pitted Castelvetrano - Pitted bright green olives, extremely mild flavor.

Pitted Mixed - a mix of all of our popular pitted olives.

Pitted Spicy Mixed - a spicy mix of all of our pitted olives.

Pitted Greek Kalamata - Very flavorful and popular olive made in a red wine brine.

Italian Herb - Pitted green olives marinated in garlic and basil.

Rosemary - Pitted green olives infused with lots of rosemary.