Our Products


Half (New) Sour, kosher dill, full sour (garlic), Horseradish, Wasabi Sour, Super Spicy (Medium spice), Ridiculously Spicy, Bread & butter Chips, Sweet Chipotle Chips.


Garlic Stuffed Green, Jalapeno Stuffed Green, Pepper Stuffed Green, Pitted Castelvetrano, Whole Castelvetrano, Spicy Pitted Mixed, Pitted Green, Whole Green, Oil Cured Moroccan, Greek Kalamata, Pitted Horseradish Infused Green, Pitted Cerignola, Whole Gaeta, and Pitted Black.

Pickled Veggies

Pickled Green Tomatoes, Pickled Vegetables.


Perfect for your next party or catering occasion. We offer pickle or olive platters. Each come with up to 7 flavors of your choosing. Please call or come in to place your order. We prefer at least one day advance notice, but they can be made on short notice as well.