Pickle Flavor

Half (New) Sour

Some call them new pickles, others call them confused cucumbers. Regardless these are Pete’s favorite.

Vibrant green and super crunchy. Cured in a salty brine for two days or less. The color says it all.

Full Sour

Pucker Up. These very robust flavored pickles have strong garlic flavors and a very sour taste. The more cloudy the brine, the more sour they are. Pickle Me Pete’s best selling pickle. Small and large sizes.

Pickle Flavor
Pickle Flavor

Kosher Dill

Most commonly known as a diner or deli pickle with moderate garlic and sour flavors. Make no mistake, these kosher dills are FRESH and oh so delicious. Small and large sizes.


Our popular full sour pickle infused with tons of horseradish…and a few secret ingredients. All the flavor and a slight spice. A favorite that keeps ‘em coming back.

Pickle Flavor
Pickle Flavor

Super Spicy

Our popular full sour pickle with a secret blend of hot peppers. Lots of flavor and a nice smooth heat that leaves you wanting more.

Ridiculously Spicy

For all you spicy pickle lovers who cant get enough. The name says it all, just one and you’re done! This large sized full sour pickle packs such a punch, most who even dare to try it can’t finish it.

Pickle Flavor

Wasabi Sours

A full sour pickle with a strong wasabi flavor that really builds with each bite. The spice however doesn’t get too strong.

Green Tomatoes

Pickled in a special brine for just the right flavor. A good old time favorite.

Pickle Flavor
Pickle Flavor

Pickle Platter

Your choice of up to 7 different pickle flavors. Perfect for your next party or catering occasion.

Bread & Butter Chips

A sweet alternative, these pickle chips are sweet, flavorful, and a great sandwich topper.

Pickle Flavor
Pickle Flavor

Sweet Chipotle Chips

A sweet and spicy alternative, the chipotle flavor and mild spice can add a nice burst of flavor to any BBQ sandwich